Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Yes we are still making music together. At this point in time, the members of lovechild have been hard at work at our other band, Burglary Years. We just released our first album, 100 Roses, after working on it for over three years. Hilariously enough, Burglary Years isn't an ~indie band spinoff of a hardcore band~ because Greg and I actually formed BY almost two years prior to lovechild ever existing ;)

100 Roses is currently available on cassette tape from our great friends Disposable America, which you can order here. We also made a beautiful 24-page full-color booklet to go along with the cassette. Later this year, the album will be available on vinyl thanks to the incredible Dog Knights Productions (UK) and the brand new Signal Fire Press (US). Our collective, 1997 Recordings, will also be partially responsible for this production.

Additionally, please check out the 1997 Recordings website, which has been recently updated to include many members within our collective, oftentimes musically incestous, friend group.

Here is our LP, streaming on bandcamp.

Additionally, all of lovechild's prior musical output can now be downloaded from Bandcamp for free / name-your-price basis. I noticed some things were not free for whatever reason and went to change all of that. I think lovechild will possibly be playing some live shows in the Fall. Also, if you care, we have some copies of Migraine Music including the out-of-print gold/100 pressing, and I think Mayfly Records still has some of the black copies for sale as well. You can email us if you are interested in purchasing directly.